Upcoming Events

05/05/16 Track Meet at Douglass

05/05/16 Sixth Grade Orientation 6:00pm

05/06/16 Dance

05/11/16 Home Track Meet

05/11/16 Open House

05/16-05/20/16 Spirit Week

05/17/16 Lunch Rally

05/18/16  YCAL Track Finals at Lee

05/25/16 BMX Awards Assembly



Bell Schedule for SBAC Testing

04/25 04/26 04/27 04/28 04/29
0: 750-845 0: 750-845 0: 750-845 0: 750-845 0: 750-845
1:850-1020 8th graders test 1:850-1020 8th graders test 1:850-1020 8th graders test 1:850-1020 8th graders test 1:850-1020 8th graders test
1:1024-1154 7th graders tests 1:1024-1154 7th graders tests 1:1024-1154 7th graders tests 1:1024-1154 7th graders tests 1:1024-1154 7th graders tests
Lunch:1154-1234 Lunch:1154-1234 Lunch:1154-1234 Lunch:1154-1234 Lunch:1154-1234
2:1238-108 2:1238-108 2:1238-1255 2:1238-108 2:1238-108
3:112-142 3:112-142 3:1259-116 3:112-142 3:112-142
4:146-216 4:146-216 4:120-137 4:146-216 4:146-216
5:220-250 5:220-250 5:141-158 5:220-250 5:220-250
6:254-325 6:254-325 6:202-220 6:254-325 6:254-325


Bullying Resources

School Climate Solutions has a number of resources available for both students and parents on ways to deal with bullying. Please use the link below and the login information to access a toolkit of videos in both English and Spanish.




Student Resources

Username: LMS Student

Password: lms2016


In the Toolkit, you will find videos in both English and Spanish.

What is Bullying? Part 1/¿Qué es acoso escolar? Parte 1

What is Bullying? Part 2/¿Qué es acoso escolar? Parte 2

What to Do When I Witness Bullying?/¿Qué hacer cuando soy testigo de acoso escolar?


Parent Resources

Username: LMS Parent

Password: lms2016


In the Toolkit, you will find the following videos in both English and Spanish, as well as a Tip Sheet. 

​Bullying 101 for Parents/Acoso Escolar 101 para padres

Bullying: How Can Parents Help/Acoso Escolar: Como los padres pueden ayudar

Tip Sheet: How to Bully Proof your Kids/Hoja de consejos: Cómo criar hijos resistentes al acoso escolar

Safer Choices Information

Please find attached the letter regarding information about the Safer Choices Program in English and in Spanish. Please click here for information about the curriculum that will be covered in the course.

Low Cost Internet Access

We have been working with a national nonprofit, EveryoneOn, to assist families in being able to afford Internet access.  The website the parents go to is http://everyoneon.org/wjusd. Currently the Internet provider in the area is T-Mobile.     The lower cost plan is $10 a month plus a one time payment of $69 for the hot spot/mi-fi.  This plan provides limited “fast” Internet access and unlimited “slower” Internet access.

Math Lab

If you need extra support in math, see attached math lab flyer for information about days and times available. 


Need a bike, helmet or lock?  Got a flat?  Want to donate your old bikes and get a bigger size or different style.  The Woodland Bike Campaign invites parents, students and staff to come to their BIKE WORKSHOP every Wednesday from 2pm-5pm and SATURDAYS from 9am-noon, located at 1ST& HAYS (behind Douglass Middle School).  Many ready to roll, mechanic-tested bikes are available for $30-$95 (cash only). Bike mechanics and a certified cycling instructor are on hand to help you with your biking needs.  Ask about our internship program and community service credit.
For more information contact Maria Contreras at (530) 753-1125, or funmaria@sbcglobal.net

The Wildcat Way

Successful Wildcats:

Are Self Directed

Are Involved

Show Respect for Self and Others

Have Self Control

Social Networking!

Facebook is a great social networking tool and Lee and Douglass have a combined middle school sports page to advertise upcoming fundraising efforts.  Check us out and "Like" us at the following site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Woodland-Middle-Schools/159824597437699

Today: 5/6/16


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