Lee Middle School




Lee is a seventh and eighth grade middle school located in almost the exact center of Woodland, California. About 800 students, representing the cultural, socioeconomic, and ethnic diversity of Woodland are currently enrolled. We view our school as a community which has a rich cultural environment.

Our school was named in honor of Harriett S. Lee who taught in Woodland schools during the turn of the century. She was the first woman appointed to the Yolo County Board of Education in 1892. In 1968, 17 years after her death, Miss Lee was recognized by a California legislative proclamation acknowledging her as the founder of Mother's Day in California. Miss Lee's passion for learning, her great desire for fairness, and her love and respect for students pervades the school bearing her name.


Lee Middle School Mission Statement:

Through establishing staff collaboration, building positive relationships, and setting high expectations we will ensure every student succeeds at something productive and valuable to both student and school community.

The staff at Lee Middle School agrees to provide an educational program and a school environment which will:

*be a safe, caring, and a truly supportive place to learn;

*develop the academic and creative skills of all students;

*allow each student an opportunity to develop at the maximum potential;

*encourage creativity and logical and critical thinking;

*help develop in our students an appreciation of, and respect for the individual rights of others;

*foster an awareness, appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity among people.


Lee Middle School Goals for 2009-2010

• Continue to implement standards-based curriculum that is articulated within the school during regularly scheduled team and department meetings

• Staff will meet with the other secondary school to ensure District wide consistency

• Provide timely and accurate information for parents and students on their academic progress and programs that will support and augment their education.

•Provide ongoing training for staff to ensure they have the necessary skills to meet the instructional needs of all students.

• Develop a sense of community school-wide pride for all new and returning students.