School Site Council

School Site Council Meeting

March 14, 2016

Members Present:  Armando Olvera, Seth Tosta, Stacey Mounce, Becky Klein, Julie Lohr


  1. Meeting called to order at 5:05 pm by Monique Brammeier
  2. Public comment – no comment
  3. Approval of Minutes – Motion made to approve meeting minutes by Seth Tosta, seconded by Julie Lohr. Motion carried.
  4. Seating of new SSC Teacher members:Jessica Graves and Alicia Cummings will join the site council for next year, Klein and Lohr will be on site council this year.
  5. Updated by-laws distribution – will update the end of this year or beginning of next.Site council will remain at 10 members this year, language in by-laws updated.Julie Lohr made a motion to approve the new bylaws, Mr. Tosta seconded.Motion carried. Lee Middle School Safety Plan review – hand out given and discussed – Lee Middle School Emergency Response Team.Post in google docs? Other areas of concern – surveillance cameras, locked gates, etc.
  6. Items from the Floor – next meeting – April 4
  7. Adjourn – Motion made by Seth Tosta to adjourn, Lohr seconded.Meeting adjourned at 5:42 pm