Lee Middle School Daily Bulletin

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Good morning, Wildcats.  Let’s start out this fine Transformation Tuesday by being in our seats, ready to listen with our planners out.  Today you will hear some important information about upcoming testing.  Listen well and take note.  Being informed and well prepared will be the first step to success in any situation.  Today is Tuesday, April 25, 2017 and these are your morning announcements:


First up…Teen Pack! Have you been to the Teen Pack After School Program? It’s FREE and tons of fun. The program is in room 41. It starts right after school and goes until 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday. Here’s what they have going on for the rest of this week…Today we will be making flower pens and playing Silent Ball.  Wednesday we will be watching a movie.  Thursday we will be making Spring Trail Mix.  Teen Pack is a fun and safe environment where you can spend your time after school each day.  If this seems like something you could use in your life, please find your Wildcat Way to us after school for some safe and respectful fun.


Hi Wildcats! We hope you had a great time at the Ice Cream Social.  It was pretty fun celebrating Ice Cream and following the Wildcat Way.  We had 150 of your great classmates and some yummy soda floats!  Ms. Mounce is planning the next social as we speak!  It will be held June 1st during the last 40 minutes of 3rd period.  To buy your tickets you must have 25 Wildcat Way Tickets and they must be the rainbow colored tickets!  No Blue and No Green!  So, ask your teachers how to earn those department rainbow colored tickets.  Ms. Mounce will be serving New Orleans’s Famous Beignets…a beignet is a fried yummy doughnut dipped in powdered sugar.  They are just so yummy!  So, get to earning those rainbow colored Wildcat Way Tickets.  You must purchase your ticket from Miss Julie in the student store by Tuesday, May 30th.  Don’t miss out! We hope to see every Wildcat on campus there!  Donuts…YUMMY!


AVID Night this Thursday in the Multi from 6-7. AVID students, bring your friends and family and share the AVID experience. Refreshments and raffle prizes! Hope to see you there. 


Test Grams are still for sale! Help a friend get ready for testing! Buy one TODAY at Lunch in front of room 40 for $2. 




Ok Wildcats…this is a long but very important part of our announcements…please listen up!

Attention All Students:

Next week is a very important week as we will begin our Math and English State Testing on Monday.  We will be on a modified bell schedule for 6 days of testing and you will be testing in your 1st period class so you should expect to be in 1st period for a total of 3 hours every day.  8th graders will test first for an hour and a half and then 7th graders will test for the next hour and a half every day.  Here are some important reminders/tips to make testing run smoothly:


·        Please arrive on time every day to school so that you can receive all of the testing instructions and have enough time to finish the tests during our testing days.

·        We will provide everything you need for testing (i.e. pencil, paper, headphones, etc). If you would like to bring your own headphones you can also do that.

·        There are ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES permitted during the test.  Every single student will be given a plastic bag to write your name on it and turn in your cell phone at the beginning of the period. Your teacher will keep the phones in a safe place until the end of 1st period when they will be returned to you.  You DO NOT have an option to turn in your cell phone.  If you refuse to hand over your phone, security will come to your class and confiscate the phone and you will not receive the phone back until the last day of testing.  If you know you are going to struggle with handing over you cell phone then leave your phone at home to avoid any problems. Your parents will be notified by phone this week of the no cell phone policy during testing and the fact that you will lose your phone for the 6 days of testing if you refuse to hand it in.

·        There is no eating during testing so please finish your breakfast before you walk into class.

·        There is no talking during testing.  If you are talking during the test, your teacher will report your name to the testing coordinators for our school who will have to report it to the district.  A school consequence will follow.

·        Please take the tests seriously as your teachers have worked hard all year to prepare you for it.  Please take your time to answer the questions to the best of your ability and do not rush through it.  Teachers will not be able to answer any questions during the test other than any technology related problems. 


We are going to have a practice run for our test TOMORROW during 1st period, so please be on time. If you will be testing somewhere other than your 1st period class, your teacher will tell you where to report to. 8th graders will practice at 8:30 am and 7th graders will practice at 8:55 am.  Be ready to hand over your cell phone as soon as you get to class. Best of luck with testing everyone!


This last stretch of the school year is going to demand that you be using all of your Wildcat Ways.  You will be amazed at the changes that will happen in your life if you start with yourself.  Be Involved.  Be respectful.  Be self-directed. Control yourself…Be the change.  Have a wonderful day!  GOOOOO WILDCATS!!!